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"We Care About What You Eat!"


Local Butcher Shop Selling High-Quality Meat from Alberta and Canada's Coasts

At The Beaverlodge Butcher Shop "We Care About What You Eat." We provide quality meats and sausages made in store.  No fillers, no bi-products and a large selection of Gluten and Dairy free products. The Beaverlodge Butcher Shop is a family owned and operated business of almost 30 years and we are proud to offer quality individual custom meat processing for both Domestic and Wild Game.

We are focused on providing great customer service, with our friendly staff that are willing to do everything they can to meet your expectations. We do everything from on-farm slaughter to making your favourite sausages and Jerky. Our Brown Sugar Sausage, Jerky, and Pickled Sausage are some of our most popular products. All sausages are made in-house, hand stuffed, hand linked, and contain no bi-products. Many of our sausages are just meat and spice, Gluten Free, and MSG free. At The Beaverlodge Butcher Shop we take great pride in providing our customers with individually processed meats and sausages that are guaranteed to be yours.


You can find us on Main Street in Beaverlodge across from the CIBC and at our second location in Grande Prairie beside Jeffery's Cafe. During the Summer watch for our Mobile Trailer at the end of Main Street in Beaverlodge, a great place to grab a snack for the road.

At Beaverlodge Butcher Shop, we are passionate about providing our customers with the best quality meat products. We source all our meat from local businesses and entrepreneurs in Alberta, ensuring that we support our community and provide our customers with fresh, high-quality meat. We also offer a variety of seafood products, sourced from both Eastern and Western Canada, so that our customers can enjoy a diverse selection of fresh seafood. We believe that you deserve to know what you eat, and that's why we take great care in selecting our suppliers and ensuring that our products meet our high standards of quality. Come visit us at any of our locations to learn more about our products and our commitment to providing you with the best meat!


Family Owned and Operated

At Beaverlodge Butcher Shop, we are a family-owned and operated business that has been providing quality meat products to our community since 1995. We believe in supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs so we also sell local products that range from honey to rubs and sauces.


Bob and Laurie Geib are the owners of Beaverlodge Butcher Shop.

Bob has been in the meat industry for over 45 years! He has created all of our sausage recipes and only brings in top quality meat. Laurie has been in the meat industry for over 30 years.

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